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  • TrimPAK Version 3.0

    Pressure Control with O2 Trim for Jackshaft Boilers

    All the benefits of linkageless control without all the cost

    Introducing the latest version of TrimPAK - a cost-effective alternative to linkageless systems for improving efficiency on any size jackshaft boiler!

    Installing TrimPAK provides the efficiency improvements of a linkageless system without all the installation costs. That's because TrimPAK uses less hardware and requires less labor to achieve the same result.

    You can start using TrimPAK even if you don't have an O2 analyzer or VFD in your budget yet, and turn options on as you install the field equipment. With a few keystrokes you can add O2 week, next month or next year. Without buying more I/O or changing the controller program!

    TrimPAK accepts any brand field instrumentation - and doesn't force you to change a functioning Burner Management system.Of course, MicroMod can provide the transmitter, O2 analyzer, VFD and even a new jackshaft actuator if needed, for a single-source supply.

    Common practice says you have to go linkageless to improve efficiency on a jackshaft boiler. Few, if any, will see a reasonable ROI period based on fuel savings.
    TrimPAK changes the paradigm.

    • Adds O2 Trim to jackshaft boilers - for optimum combustion & increased efficiency
    • Uses existing linkages - while compensating for heat value, temperature, and seasonal changes
    • Safety First - built-in safeguards include air and position feedbakc to protect plant and personnel
    • Preconfigured - no programming to learn
    • Field-Flexible - activate options as needed in the field without buying controller hardware or reprogramming
    • Manufacturer Independent - use any brand field devices and Burner Management System
    • Expandable - add a color touchscreen for easy operation and alarm logging. Integrate with HMI and Building Automation systems.
    • 2-year factory warranty
    • Faster Payback than Going Linkageless!